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Developmental Resources, Inc.
(a Division of AccuTrain Corporation)
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Developmental Resources offers research-based and highly practical continuing education conferences, seminars, webinars and on-location professional development events to educators throughout North America.


About This Conference

This three-day event brings together well-known keynote presenters and best-of-best practices for professional educators. Some programs and strategies are research-tested, while others are promising, innovative approaches created by educators for educators to help them better connect with different kinds of students.

You will learn how using innovative strategies can help with:

  • Transforming bullies
  • Reframing resistant students
  • Connecting with defiant students
  • Motivating apathetic students
  • Changing self-destructive beliefs in children & teens
  • Empowering bully bystanders
  • Empowering bully targets
  • Helping socially alienated students
  • Working with youth who self-mutilate
  • Children & Teens experiencing loss
  • Overcoming past traumatic events

Some of the innovative strategies that will be introduced include:

  • Sand Tray
  • Visual Arts
  • Creative Drama
  • Music
  • Metaphors / Props
  • Magic Tricks
  • Journaling
  • Story Telling
  • Bibliotherapy
  • Puppets
  • Brain Spectrum Imaging
  • Cyber Counseling
  • Internet Strategies
  • Adventure / Cooperative Games
  • Other Play Therapy Techniques
  • Creative Strategies for Program Organization
  • Other Fresh Ideas for Counseling Strategies